A FITting End

Probably everybody that would read this blog already knows, but just in case you did not know, I won the Biggest Loser (he he… I almost typed “lobster”) competition. The prize money came out to $270 for the men’s division. I’ve been at a loss as to what to do with the money. I have already saved up for an iPod Touch (I am waiting patiently for the next generation of iPod Touch to come out… I’m hoping for bluetooth). I already bought a Wii (complete with a great game thanks to Roni’s parents!). I already bought a pretty awesome watch (thanks mom and dad). I couldn’t figure out what else to get!

I finally decided that because I earned the money by losing weight, I might as well get something that will help me to keep it off, and to help me get fit (that is where the title comes in. Do you get it? FITting, like fit…). I’ve decided to get a new bike! I went out bike shopping the other day, and I hadn’t ever realized that the price of bikes varied so much. I mean seriously, it can go from cheap to expensive with surprising ease.

I wanted something that was a step above walmart, but not something I could win the Tour de France in. I decide to go with a hybrid bike, which unlike a hybrid car, involves neither gas nor electricity. Rather, a hybrid bike is a bike that lies somewhere between a road bike and a mountain bike. They are deigned for comfort, and cost a whole lot less. I am waiting for the bike shop to assemble the bike, then I will be be the proud owner of a new bike.


And You Are Defining That How?

I don’t know how many of you read the news regularly, but there is one story that has been bugging me from the first time it appeared. An Austrian man lured his daughter into the basement of their apartment complex, drugged her, and kept her locked in the basement for 24 years. It gets worse. He fathered 7 children with her, and when one of them died, he just tossed the body in the furnace, as if it were a piece of trash.

He told everybody that she had run away with a cult, and nobody doubted it. He raised three of the children, and told everybody that his daughter had abandoned them on his front porch years earlier.

The man is now saying that he is not a “monster” and that the media is blowing this whole thing out of proportion. How exactly is locking somebody in a cellar for 24 not a monstrous act you might ask. His response? “I could have killed all of them — then nothing would have happened. No one would have ever known about it.”

This statement blows my mind! The saddest part about it is that he is right about part of that statement. Nobody would have known if he killed his daughter and her kids. This guy doesn’t seem to realize that what he did was wrong, and I think that is perhaps the scariest thing about it all.