The Next Chapter

Looking at that title, you are probably thinking that this entry is going to be about graduating from college or something. Well, sorry to disappoint, but that is not what got me to blog. Rather, this is the next chapter in my saga with Microsoft’s Live Search Club.

It was brought to my attention a few days ago that Microsoft had once again put the Zune on the list of prizes for Club Live participants. This made me wonder if they were no longer out of stock, which they had previously claimed. So, I decided that this would be an opportune time to email them once again about the status of my order. I emailed Club Live on Friday, and to my great surprise, I got a response today. It said:

Dear Live Search Club Participant,

Thank you for contacting Live Search Club Support. We are pleased to announce we have your backordered prize back in stock and will be shipping soon. We are shipping out within the next 3 weeks, when your item ships you will receive your 2nd confirmation e-mail will any necessary shipping and tracking information.

Kind Regards,

Live Search Club Support

The first thing I noticed that set this email apart from the others I have received is that there is nothing ominous about it. It doesn’t say “if we decide you aren’t the scum of the earth” or anything like it. This has gotten me pretty hopeful that I may indeed receive a soon.


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