Something else happened!

Only this time, it didn’t involve Mu or car keys.

It involved an ultrasound.

No, no, not that ultrasound. I’ve been having a really sharp pain in my calf for a few days and the doctor at the BYU Health Center was worried that it might be a blood clot. So he sent me over to UVRMC where the radiologist was kind enough to jab me repeatedly in the exact spot I said hurt. Wasn’t that nice?

Anyway, I don’t have a blood clot, but I do have phlebitis: which is an inflamed vein that often leads to a blood clot. I did get the day off work yesterday without it counting against me, because I brought a note from the doctor and the hospital. And I’ve been instructed to stand up and stretch often – because it sounds like the whole thing is caused from sitting at a desk all day and not moving around much. Oh, and from sitting on my leg while I’m at my desk. That too.

Well, at least something happened, eh?


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