Something happened!

I’m sure you will all be delighted to know that yesterday things actually happened besides work! Isn’t that great?

That’s very optimistic, by the way. The Things were not quite so great.

As we were leaving our first job to go tutor, the Romgi discovered that his keys were not in his pocket, nor in his cubicle. After half an hour of searching we called up Krista to come rescue us. Lately I haven’t been bringing my keys with me because I tend to not carry a purse at all, so unfortunately I wasn’t much help in the situation. Krista took us back to our apartment, where the Romgi climbed up the fence onto the 1st floor roof and from there made it onto our balcony, where we had conveniently not locked the sliding glass door into the bedroom. Then it was easy to just let me in the front door to get my keys, have Krista drive us back to Orem to pick up the car, and find the Romgi’s keys dangling from the coat hanger behind the driver’s seat. (We both took a nap during lunch, and suspect that the Romgi put them there while he was stretching in his sleep.)

Yesterday was also Mu’s vet appointment, which, luckily, we were able to make it to. His mouth has been worse than usual for the past few weeks, and after reading up on common problems with Chinese water dragons we suspected that Mu had a case of mouth rot. It’s kind of like the lizard equivalent of a canker sore, except it can spread to a lizard’s jaw bone and even to its eye. We first noticed a yellowish fang-looking object sticking just out of the corner of Mu’s mouth – if he still had a whole mouth, we never would have seen it. His lip was also starting to swell some and portrude from the nice line his jaw should have made.

So, we took him to the only vet in the Provo-Orem area that handles lizards. The assistant was really friendly and obviously knew a lot about water dragons, which was reassuring. Then the doctor came in. I had seen her once before, when Mu had a bad eye infection; and like at my previous visit, she had rather long fake nails. That makes me a bit nervous when I know she’s going to be holding a small animal with sensitive organs. But, she seemed to know what she was doing. While the assistant held Mu firmly in both hands, the doctor swabbed some anaesthetic on Mu’s lip and then forced his mouth open with a tongue depressor.

“Oh…look at that…let’s just get that huge chunk out of there, ok?” she said. I think she was talking to Mu. She began hacking away at something with a q-tip, and I assumed it was a piece of mealworm parts that had become lodged in his teeth.

No, it wasn’t. It was part of Mu’s jaw. She ripped out half of his upper right jaw. Teeth and all.

Jarom and I just sort of sat there, horrified. I completely understand that the jaw had rotted and needed to come out, but to do it so casually! So suddenly! I felt so bad for Mu. He’s very angry with us now. On the bright side, the two medicines that they told us to give him are ones that he likes the taste of. It’s almost like getting a treat. Sort of like getting ice cream when you have your tonsils taken out.

The doctor also gave Mu a single-dose medicine designed to de-worm him, which I suppose is removing the parasites that he may have gotten from eating crickets. Huh. And she sent us home with a fecal sample packet and the two medicines. With the exam, de-worming, fecal sample packet, and medicines, it all came to $100. Better than I was expecting, but still…

And that is what Happened yesterday.

Maybe it’s better if today is Quiet.


2 Comments on “Something happened!”

  1. klewis says:

    I actually made it through reading all that while I was eating breakfast! But how will Mu survive? Even with antibiotics?

  2. Th. says:

    .!!!!!Just to have your jaw ripped out?!?!Just like that?!?!Yips.Glad I’m not a lizard.

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