Neverending Story

by Michael Ende

having seen the first neverending story movie numerous times, I was exceedingly perplexed when I came to the part of the book that correlated with the last 10 minutes of the movie: there were still roughly 250 pages remaining in the book. it turns out that the movie does indeed cover only the first half of the book. elements from the second half were used to build the plot of the sequel movie (the neverending story II: the next chapter), but in a very shoddy manner. it was a bit disheartening to read the second half; it would have made an extraordinarily enjoyable movie, had the plot been followed more faithfully. as with most book-to-movie transitions, the first half of the book was generally the same as the movie, although, of course, there was a much more intricate storyline. what I liked the most about the book as a whole was that it developed the main character so well, so believably. and it was not a simple good versus evil story. recommended for anyone who thought the movie was ridiculous, with a complete pansy of a main character.


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