jarom is cool #1

one of the things I love about jarom is that we can almost effortlessly start a thought-provoking discussion which has no relevance to anything at hand and which lasts nearly an hour.

the other night we were on our way to petco to buy some crickets for mu. and I really don’t remember how it happened, but somewhere on state street we began talking about how people assume that everyone (independent of time period, culture, or location) thinks the same way they do. in my intro to sociology class – which jarom attends from time to time – our teacher emphasized that in the feudal system, peasants didn’t revolt because the idea never would have occured to them. so jarom and I talked about the great narrowmindedness of human existence, and the great narrowmindedness of utah existence, and a number of other things that were really interesting and I’ve already forgotten.

but the point was, it was a great conversation, and after we’d finished we moved easily into a completely unrelated discussion about mu’s eating habits.

good times.


One Comment on “jarom is cool #1”

  1. Jack Quimby says:

    Utah Narrowmindedness? Sounds like another rip on Utah talk that out of staters hold weekly. Some hold them bi-weekly.

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