saturday = sleep

apparently there was a miscommunication. I thought jarom was going to call me this morning after he woke up and showered and was going to come over; he thought I was going to call him to wake him up. so neither of us woke up until after 11.

saturdays are beautiful things.

unfortunately, I didn’t remember until late this evening that we did have something to accomplish today: get pictures printed for sending with the invitations. oh well. I suppose it can wait until later this week. in the meantime I found the perfect cake design, and the perfect cake topper, and I decided on a bouquet (just white tulips with a pretty blue ribbon). now I have to figure out if I want to try doing my hair nicely for the wedding, as in an up-do, or just the sort of curls I did myself for the engagement photos. and in all this madness I have to write a letter of application and resume for my english class, start a foreign policy paper for my international relations class, and read yet another book for my intro to sociology class. oh yes and one for my social problems class. thank heavens tomorrow is sunday.

sundays are beautiful things, too.

no more updates, really. I managed to get my room semi-cleaned, and did eat some real food, thanks to besta’s generosity. turkey, bacon, and avocado paninis on sourdough. mmm. I’ve decided to try eating healthier foods – not that I feel any psychotic need to lose weight, just to keep living – especially since my consumption until 7pm today was limited to cocoa pebbles, m&ms, cracker jacks, sour gummi worms, shall I keep going? the combination of the sugar and everything else made my heart race and made me feel like I was having a panic attack. not fun. so now I am headed off to bed for a peaceful night’s rest, fast sunday in the morning, and a nice relaxing afternoon.



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