that's what I love about sunday

yesterday, after an informal study, I concluded that the only people in california who wear one-piece swimsuits are fat old women. if you are a thin young woman looking to buy a quasi-attractive one-piece swimsuits that fits…yeah right. good luck is all I can say.

but, I did finally stumble upon exactly what I was looking for: black. one-piece. my size. and it was “on sale”…for $60 at macy’s. you know what? I bought it anyway, because I’d spent enough hours looking for something suitable (pun intended) and I would like to go swimming this summer.

I was invited to a party at carolyn pedersen’s. that was exciting, I don’t usually get invited places, but I was specifically called and had my presence requested! good times. I felt…social.

today I tried using the new “turbo spiral curling iron” I got at target. my observations: it truly is turbo, and makes just about the best curls I’ve ever had in my life. however, it takes twice as long as using a regular curling iron, which meant when jarom came to pick me up I still had about 10 curls to do. it took about 45 seconds per curl, if I estimated correctly, and then I had to get my scriptures and my shoes. but, somehow we made it to church on time. :) john bartley decided to get a group of us together on wednesday and he included me, which made me feel wonderful. I asked jarom if he’d keep the 16th free for me (I’ve got an awesome day sort of planned out), and he said sure, if I keep this tuesday free for him. a date! ee!

sidetrack here…how long has it been since I went on a date? if you want, we can count nutcracker, and that was 12.10.04. that makes over 6 months. but I’m not sure that really truly counts, and I have my own reasons for discounting it. before nutcracker…um…yeah, that would be ammon, sometime in january or february 2004. a year and a half. awesome.

after church we drove by jarom’s old house, and then went to the park right by oakbrook. played on the playground as best we could, being in our sunday clothes (and me in heels again); then relaxed under a tree and talked for an hour. he and jena went out to dinner last night, and he said they decided they like my natural hair color better, and I should not wear black. ever, apparently. jarom mentioned something a week or two ago to the effect that I should have left my hair blonde (or whatever color it really is)…and I’ve been thinking about it since then, because I could tell he honestly does not like the brown. blah blah blah. but I told him I’ll let it grow until he leaves for utah, and in the week after — before I go out — I’ll have it completely fixed, back to “natural” color, and leave it alone after that. I must be so smitten to agree to this. not even agree to this but create the agreement. hmm.

so, that’s life! fabulous, as always.