friday I'm in love

well, it’s now “official,” we are dating.

this is, however, going to take some work. it appears that one of us is still getting over the I’m-a-recently-returned-missionary-and-I-haven’t-really-been-in-a-relationship-before-anyway awkwardness. and I’m not sure that the same one of us has informed our parents of the change in status, which would explain the incredibly uncomfortable hour I spent talking with jarom and his parents this evening. all I wanted to do was put on a good movie and cuddle, but no, didn’t happen. oh well…I still woke up smiling, and I’m still going to bed with a smile.

played miniature golf at scandia with jarom and quentin tonight. got a 75. how awful! man, I’m terrible at things like this. I got a 93 when we all went bowling on wednesday. the point is having fun, though, and I did have a thoroughly good time.