management monday

so, we had our management meeting today. adam brought in posters to illustrate his points. why he couldn’t just use the whiteboards, I don’t know. anyway, it was great… in a twisted sense. he explained to us his great system for making it so easy to see which drawer name correlates to which bin number, using this folder structure. see? I about died when mick jr said, “but we have spreadsheets that tell us that…” oh man. lauren kicked him under the table as he started telling adam that it was a waste of time to do it that way. “shh,” she said. “bite your tongue; it won’t do any good to tell him.” adam also showed us his verification process, which had 3 phases. I wish I had my notes with me; I’ll just have to do the best I can without. here’s the process he used:

phase 1 – incorporate rescans of rescans; verify that the image of each rescan matches up with the original image.

phase 2 – check off rescans on qc list

phase 3 – check original images for rescans; verify that the name of each image matches up with the original name

there was more, I know, but that’s all I can guess for now. at any rate, I had to bite my tongue when he showed us that. he was having people go through manually to verify that all the rescans on the qc list got done — after lauren showed him the simple formula to figure it out. plus, you see how in phase 1 he checked that the image was correct, and in phase 3 checked that the name was correct? can you explain to me why you couldn’t do both at once? it seems to me like that might save time…

lauren couldn’t stop laughing when I told her about the drive key thing from friday. I had an 80gb drive in my hand, asked adam if he had a key for it, so he hands me one and says, “do you know how to use it? do you need me to show you?” for crying out loud, if I know that it needs a key, I probably know how to use it. my goodness. so all day we were making jokes about that, and I kept asking her if she could show me how to do really basic stuff. the funniest part is that adam doesn’t seem to have a grasp on a lot of basic stuff. what fun.

watched one fine day last night. talked to ryan on his drive back up to logan. today after work I went to aaron bros. frames to get a frame for that watercolor, the one for ann; I also found a “decorative wall decor with wall mirror and ledge” for $15. maybe I’ll find a picture to put up, because that on its own makes very little sense. then cost plus world market was right next door, so of course I had to stop in. got some tea light candles and holders — china pear. it smells pretty good, though my main reason for that scent (aside from it being one of the few tolerable ones) was the color. it’ll match when I paint my room. granted, I’m using them now, but it was a bag of 25 lights for $3. I thought that was a good deal. I also got some chocolate, of course; but I left it in the car to minimize the bulk I had to carry inside. I’ve really got to clean my car.

oh! the most glorious thing came in the mail: a statement from scholarshare, the california governor’s scholarship fund I have. well, I thought it was gone. I used the last of it for my tuition this past fall semester — but lo and behold, I’ve got another $1,170 for 2005! I have no idea why they put more money in my account, but it’s very good news. it means I can go ahead and start that humanities class through independent study. and another after that. and another after that. all on the state of california. thank you, people in charge of education!


One Comment on “management monday”

  1. Philip Tome says:

    You’re funny. I like your blog. Nice workplace. Dang that Adam – he bugs me!

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