so ryan might get engaged soon. but to which of the two potential girls, I don’t know. he doesn’t know. it’s a rather interesting situation. and the one I hope he’ll pick is the opposite from what I would’ve said a week ago. funny how things change like that, huh? anyway, we talked for a long time last night. wait, we always talk for a long time. I got lots of bedtime songs, though, and I told him I felt spoiled because he sang all my favorite james taylor songs. although I was kind of asleep at the time, I enjoyed it. it’s nice to be pampered, even if only over the phone.

tried doing my hair in ringlets today. how on earth do you think lauren does it? her hair is way shorter than mine, but her curls come out so well. bah. I felt like I had cocker spaniel ears all day. it was alright, though, and the interesting stuff at work kept my mind off the weird hair.

here’s the scoop: daryll called this morning to let us know that tomorrow they’d be bringing back all the rescans, complete, and that was 106,874 images. I played around with a lot of pscu numbers after that. want to see?

images on spreadsheets – 174,044
redout bins not included in indexing – approx. 12k (this is factoring in blank removal)
missing images – 5,025
total pscu scans – 191k give or take a few.

well, then we have the 106,874 rescans. I know that includes about 67k redout images, which, after the blanks are removed, turns into only 53k. as luck would have it, 30k of those are already indexed or in the process of being indexed! which leaves 23k redout images still to be indexed, and another 30k full-folder rescans that will get indexed again. then there are just 10k images to be reincorporated.

“just 10k.” funny, isn’t it? the reincorporating is going to give me wrinkles and grey hair. but anyhow, it got really good after that. amanda was in the office today, and she came in to tell liz and lauren and I all about what happened yesterday. mike wasn’t there, for whatever reason; and as part of the “verification” process, amanda discovered quite a few errors with — well, with pretty much everything he did. some folders had been rescanned backwards, which isn’t horrendously bad, but some rescans were given wacko names. for instance, an image would be named 01-MAR-MAR-0010.jpg when it ought to have been 02-MAR-MAT-0010.jpg. now, you look at that and say, well, it isn’t too far off. but you have to manually match the image up now. that’s a big naming error. at that point mick came into the office and asked us to come into the conference room, because he had just gotten off the phone with daryll, who called to let him know about a big problem they’d run into.

interesting thing: daryll told mick that the problem was with the stuff mike qced. which, yes, we looked at the images, and he did miss them. but those can be rechecked. personally, I find bigger issue with the naming errors and scanning order. we called adam then to see what was going on. actually, mick called, but it was on speakerphone. I’m not sure if adam knew that. so adam started going on about how he was doing his “verification,” and they were finding errors that weren’t on the original qc lists, etc., etc. mick asked how he’s doing verification, because he has never made that clear. adam says, “I’m looking at the rescan list, and verifying that each of the files listed there has been rescanned.” yeah, guess what? 1. there’s a really easy formula to do that in excel; it saves time, it’s accurate, lauren showed him how to do it and wrote it down. 2. that’s qc. not production. there’s no need whatsoever for them to be onsite doing that. 3. adam said he wanted to make sure everything was good to pass off to data. hmm… it’s interesting to me that they (according to him) haven’t finished any bins — or even folders — to the point where they can be passed off already. they’ve been doing “verification” for several days and yet not a single folder has been completely checked? maybe I’m just slow, but does that make sense?

it’ll be an interesting day tomorrow as well. liz and amanda won’t be in until 7am, but there’s a meeting at 6 with adam, lauren, mick, daryll, and me. who knows if patricia will be in there. when liz was saying earlier that she didn’t want to be in the meeting, because she knew she’d explode at adam like last time, I said I should be the one to raise all these issues. everyone thinks I’m so quiet and nice and I don’t know what I’m doing, I just say “well lauren told me to do this…” or something like that. this’ll be a good chance to show I do know what I’m doing, and I have every right to bring up issues I have with production or with any other part of the process. to tell you the truth I’m kind of excited to see how well I handle it.

today was payday, and I got a lovely little check. ok, not so little… it was $2 shy of a grand. which was just fine with me. I took myself shopping to celebrate. oops, not supposed to do that. I also went to the library and picked up my books, so probably tomorrow I’ll start on those. isn’t it nice to not have work to do in the evenings? oh yeah, I also have an optometrist appt tomorrow afternoon. new prescription! wahoo!

song stuck in my head: eyesore by new found glory
movie I want to watch: seven brides for seven brothers
anything else: nope


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