yes, that about sums it up. satisfaction.

well over a year and a half ago, when I first went out to byu for my sophomore year, I read about 8 books in one month. the weather was pleasant, my homework load was light, and I enjoyed devouring books like that. quite a few quotes got written down, but I wasn’t smart enough back then to also write down where I found them. five or six months later I found the papers I wrote the quotes down on, and went back to figure out the sources. I got all but one: “I felt sore, as though something inside me had been bruised.”

my suspicion was that it came from a madeleine l’engle book — specifically, one of the austins series, since it was first-person. I know a wrinkle in time well enough to rule that out, in case it was a spoken line instead of narrative like I thought. so I re-read troubling a star and a ring of endless light, without finding the quote. later I bought a copy of a ring of endless light because I enjoyed it so much, and I’ve read it at least three times since then. well… last night I was reading it again, and lo and behold, there on page 180, what do you think it says? yep. “I felt sore, as though something inside me had been bruised.” how I managed to miss it so many times, I’m not sure. but, satisfaction at last!

another satisfaction is finally finding a cute black shirt that fits me. I loved the one I had, but it was getting rather worn out. besides, this was at ross, where you can dress for less. so they say.

third: silk pajama bottoms at target. holy hannah. talk about comfortable. it makes me almost sorry that I’m the only one who gets to enjoy me wearing them. it could be so pleasant for someone else, too. but it will have to wait.

fourth: no work to bring home for quite a while. hallelujah!

and fifth: today marks exactly 3 months until jarom leaves korea. while that does terrify me exceedingly, I’m also super excited to see him again after so long. there’s that whole thing about making him glad he came home. yeah, he’ll be very glad if my plan works out. mwahaha.

so that’s that. work is going… well, let’s just say it’s going. the plan is for pscu folks to finish onsite today — they actually should be leaving (or already left) as I write this — and someone will go down there tomorrow to make sure all the files get transferred. if adam has more than one person go, he’d better have a good reason for it. I can’t think of any need to do that. but, whatever. I’m new huh? maybe I should just keep quiet.