Contributors wanted

Sometimes I just want to shake people and say, “Come on! Have some sense! Don’t you know that _______?” The blank there could be anything from “that’s the wrong ‘your'” to “potatoes take longer to cook than that!” (the latter is usually shouted while watching Chopped).

So I thought maybe other people have similar outbursts. Wouldn’t it be great if we could share our common sense, or our knowledge of specialized fields with each other?

Given that the answer is a yes, I’ve approached a few people about writing for a column here to enlighten us. Topics I’ve suggested so far include having twins, audiology, and raising imaginative children, among others.

I’m completely open to ideas for further topics. What do you wish people knew? Is there some misinformation you wish you could correct? What’s unique to you that you’d like to share your knowledge about? Posts can be long or short, witty or serious, very specific or very general in nature.

If you’re interested or have a topic request, please comment below or email me!

Update: I’ve had more than 20 people enthusiastically agree to contribute since I started asking yesterday evening, and the first post will be up tomorrow! Are you as excited as I am about this project?