Off day ≠ day off

Sometimes I really, really need a break from life.

Jarom’s parents both take the grandkids out individually on dates. It’s pretty awesome. Today the stars aligned so that Evan and June were both going on outings – June in the morning with Grandma, and Evan at lunchtime with Grandpa. After Evan left I got to work on some un-fun projects I’ve been putting off. I also called to try getting our health insurance resolved (which is its own post). Then talking to the people turned into a full-attention thing, so I put everything else on hold.

Unfortunately, June was not having a great day. She woke up too early? She didn’t sleep well? She’s 3? Whatever the cause, she was being a pill for Grandma, and eventually June just wanted to come home. She came back about an hour into my insurance phone call.

So I had to ignore June and my mother-in-law while I finished the call (which did not end well), and by the time I was done with that I was ready for a relaxing break. But I had no car; June wanted to stay home anyway; I had projects that needed to be done; and the house has gone from lovely to disastrous in the past few days.

The rest of the day has mostly gone the same. Neither the things I want to do nor the things I ought to do are being accomplished, mainly because there have been a lot of unexpected interruptions. And when I do sit down to focus, I still get nothing done! I don’t know what it is about today. But having tomorrow mentally blocked off already – for sleep in the morning, cleaning in the afternoon, and a birthday party in the evening – means I’m not likely to get any further this weekend.

It would be beautiful to not have any obligations, wouldn’t it?