Not what you were looking for

Dear 100 Hour Board readers,

I didn’t even know the 100 Hour Board was still running. Cool!

I doubt that my blog was what the reader was looking for (more likely it was baby Amelia’s story), but my husband and I did have a baby last year who died at birth. He lived for an hour and a half. You can read from the beginning of our experience here or read about his birth here.

As a side note, the pictures of Christian were taken when he was alive, with the exception of the final image where he is not being held.

Happy reading!



One Comment on “Not what you were looking for”

  1. Karen says:

    Wow. Your experience has touched me deeply. The 100 Hour Board brought me here fof course it’s still going!), and I’ve been crying reading several of your posts. I wish I could just hug you and help you feel better. I’ll have to settle for hugging my healthy children and counting my blessings.

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