This week

Here’s a summary of this week’s highlights:

  • I had a fit of jealousy (well-contained, at least) over a yarn collection. And I learned I really love heather gray yarn and other neutral colors. Imagine pairing it with a neon pink trim for an ultra-trendy baby blanket…
  • Car shopping is the worst.
  • Using a slightly-not-navy yarn, I’m crocheting a basket to replace a hold-everything box in our black Expedit bookcase. Pretty soon I’ll run out of the blue yarn, so I plan to make it a colorblock basket and make the top half (or two-thirds ((is that hyphenated?)) ) cream or orange or something. Suggestions?
  • Thursday night I hosted a Mary Kay party. It was almost like I had real friends! Plus, my living room got clean(er).
  • While Evan is out on a date with his grandpa, June and I are chilling in the play area. I brought my crochet basket to work on because I’m that person now.
  • I was digging through my stack of past projects – many incomplete – and found the birth announcement I started designing for June. It is incredible, and I’m going to work on it a little more next week. Should I make it solid text on a watercolor background, or watercolor text on a solid background? Or watercolor on watercolor? I’m not sure I’m that skilled yet.
  • Oh yeah, and I made a bunch of cookies. I shared some so I’m positive I didn’t eat them all.
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