This week

Here’s a summary of this week’s highlights:

  • This actually happened last week after I posted: I broke my toe. It hurt a lot.
  • I rearranged our living room so there’s a cozy corner for me to huddle in and be a hermit. With a book. Perfection!
  • I read two books, The Edwardian Lady (about Edith Holden, the author/illustrator of the gorgeous book The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady) and Say You’re One of Them, a collection of short stories. Depressing short stories.
  • The baby announcements got finished. And after I blogged about closing my Etsy shop, I went ahead and reopened it
  • Remember the cheesecake I made? Opinion reversed. I would absolutely make it again, I’d just do it a day or two ahead of time. After the cheesecake had been in the fridge overnight it was divine.
  • We had dinner with a friend from high school. It was delicious and entertaining and so nice to be out of the house, having a conversation with grownups.
  • One morning June woke up with her hair all matted and tangled. I told her it looked crazy, and Evan jumped in, “Well, June, I think your hair is beautiful.” He’s such a nice brother (sometimes)!
  • Ender got a bath and a haircut. He smells amazing.

Be opinionated! We certainly are.

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