This week

Here’s a summary of this week’s highlights:

  • We got a new nephew early Tuesday morning.
  • I worked on baby announcements for said nephew. Cute animals are involved.
  • I made a blanket for Evan. I used two bulky yarns and finger crocheted it, then put tassels on the border. Too bad I don’t really know what I’m doing and 4 tassels have already been pulled off, and it looks like a few stitches have come undone. Oh well! It was nice and soft and warm while it lasted.
  • We spent New Year’s Eve with our good friends Scott and Alitha, who introduced us to the game Wits and Wagers.
  • I learned, once again, that intentionally staying up until midnight is much different than reading a good book and accidentally staying awake late. I was so, so ready for bed well before midnight.
  • Jarom and I cleaned the kitchen. It was very clean for Christmas (and even a few weeks beforehand), but then we spent a nice week vacationing and not cleaning.
  • We started our 2014 resolution of only eating dessert/sweets on Monday evening. This year we’ll be making one recipe a week from the International Chocolate Cookbook. First up is a black velvet cheesecake, so feel free to invite yourself over for a slice next Monday.
  • I made a menu and grocery list for the month. As part of our efforts to get out of debt, we’re tightly controlling our food budget, which requires careful planning. Last night we tried a broccoli beef recipe, tonight we’re having quesadillas, and later in the month we’ll have tikka masala and claw chowder. Food is great, even if I don’t have a personal chef.
  • Can you tell I’m trying to blog more this year? I hope to get back to my weekday posting schedule like I did last year before the world fell apart. This means I might solicit guest posts every now and then. Interesting ones. I promise you’ll like them. You might even write one!

One Comment on “This week”

  1. Kendy says:

    I am very curious to know what ‘claw’ chowder tastes like. Do you use claws from wild animals or from neighborhood pets?

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