I’ve written before about how much I love some of the words Evan and June mispronounce. I correct most words, but there are a few I leave alone. If you didn’t catch my earlier post about it (maybe it was on Facebook?) I’ll recap my favorite words, and then I have a few new ones to add…

  • Packpack for backpack.
  • Muse and musing for use and using.
  • Shmarmellow for marshmallow.
  • Pasgusting for disgusting.
  • Recently June has been asking to watch Ploo (which I finally figured out was Blue’s Clues) and pretending to be an eagle. And eagles, according to June, say “SEEG!” quite loudly. And shrilly. Is shrilly a word? I tried to get her to say “btw” (you know, bee tee dubs) and she amused herself by saying “POOP dee dee dumbs!” Oh, June.

    Evan is doing interesting things in learning how tenses work. The other day he told me he had “tookened” something (instead of taken). I did correct that, but only after telling him that was a good job trying to use the word.

    My absolute favorite, by far, is one June has mostly stopped using: chicklips for chapstick. Love!

    P.S. Completely unrelated: buy stuff.


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