1. No baby today. Kind of a bummer.

2. Recently when June woke up, she told me, “I had beautiful dreams in my bed!” It was adorable.

3. Jarom asked Evan how much he loves me. Evan replied, “An elephant stacked on another elephant stacked on another and another and another and another, all the way up to the sky! And a rhinoceros on top.”

4. I saved up money and got a used iPad (1st generation). I loooooooove it! June came with me to buy it from a college kid, and I mentioned getting a toddler-friendly case. The guy thought I was buying the iPad as a toy for June. June and Evan think I bought it for them, too.

5. Evan refuses to come to the store with me to buy donuts. It’s child neglect if I leave him here. Oh, dilemmas.


3 Comments on “Notes”

  1. Jim says:

    You are so delightful. Keep calm and carry on.

  2. Stephanie says:


  3. KHL says:

    Yep, what Jim said.

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