Things that are still hard:

Seeing pictures of others’ newborns.

Finding out that friends are expecting.

Passing by baby clothes at the store.

Explaining to Evan, again, that Christian isn’t coming to our house. Ever.

Briefly thinking I’ll get a diet coke to make Tiny Baby wiggle and then remembering . . . that doesn’t happen anymore. I’m not pregnant. My baby died.

Suddenly feeling sad and knowing I may have moments like this for quite a while.

Moving on with life.


2 Comments on “However”

  1. Jim says:

    Nothing new to say, so I’ll repeat myself. We love you, we know you will have those moments, and we continue to pray for you to handle them with faith and courage.

  2. Sposita says:

    I imagine those things are going to be hard for awhile. Especially the Moving on With Life. Thanks for the updates! Hugs.

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