Day 24

Things I appreciate:

  • being able to tell people I feel lousy and no one gets offended
  • June tells me in a cheerful voice, “I’m not fussy!”
  • I bought two flats of strawberries for $4 each
  • people want to help, even though I’m hesitant to actually ask for help
  • Things that are less happy:

  • Evan has been a nightmare since he came back from his cousins’ house
  • I had to drag him screaming from the play area, after which he hit he with his shoe and said I was stupid
  • and…my baby is going to die
  • What has your day been like?


    2 Comments on “Day 24”

    1. Jim says:

      I had a patient tell me he felt like his anus was ruptured, but he couldn’t elaborate. That’s kind of what my day was like.

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