Day 33

It was a little sad for this to be my last weekly checkup. We met with one of the 3 OBs at this practice, Dr. W, who we’ve seen on a regular basis now. He’s the one we saw when we had our list of questions, and he also delivered both Evan and June when they were born. I’ve appreciated his bedside manner, and he told us he’d be thinking of us next week and would keep us in his prayers. I know the OBs have a weekly meeting where they discuss patients of particular concern and Dr. W said they’re all sorry that things have turned out the way they have.

I need to call on Monday to confirm that everything is scheduled, and then I’ll go in to the hospital Tuesday night to start the induction. It wasn’t clear whether or not we’ll be staying overnight; either way, it still looks like Wednesday will be the Big (Awful) Day. I am glad we know that Tiny Baby is a boy – and yes, we picked out a name several weeks ago just in case. We didn’t want to spend any of our time in the hospital trying to agree on the name. Evan says he doesn’t like the name and suggests “Lickalick” instead, which has been vetoed. Sorry, Evan.