I read this article recently about how we notice so many firsts as parents, but the lasts tend to slip by unnoticed. Of course, this need not apply to parenthood only, but to life in general.

One thing that won’t go unnoticed: my last final. I’ve been preparing for it all day and will probably finish it tonight after the kids go to bed.

And another I look forward to in the vague future: my last day living in a basement.

Also in the vague, hopefully more distant than near, future: my last day being a Provonian (thanks, Bryan). When I moved out to Utah for college in 2002, I expected to be back in California as soon as I finished. (Wouldn’t it be a twist of fate if that actually happened?) Instead, I’m still here 10 years later, and I adore Provo.

I don’t adore finals, though, so I want to celebrate this being my last!


One Comment on “Lastly”

  1. KHLew says:

    Hope it all goes well!

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