Never Let Me Go

by Kazuo Ishiguro

{ 2005 | Knopf | 304 pgs }

I’m not sure what I could say about Never Let Me Go that wouldn’t give away key plot elements. The writing is superb, allowing the story to unfold slowly, hinting here and there until by the final pages the reader comes to a full understanding of what has happened. I think I want to recommend it for the law school book club. What to say? Hm…the book is narrated by Kathy, and she describes her years at Hailsham, a special school she attended from a young age. She’s telling the story as a thirtysomething, but the narrative is brilliantly written to intertwine past and present.

After reading the book this past weekend (instead of doing schoolwork), I learned there is a movie adaptation with Keira Knightly. It’s rated R? If so, the filmmakers added a lot of extra material. The book was definitely not intended for children but I certainly wouldn’t deem it exceptionally violent or sensual. I’ll toss in a side note here that I’m disappointed that filmmakers are so set on (because audiences seem to be so interested in) sex and violence as selling points. Sigh.

But back to Never Let Me Go: I think this one’s a keeper. I’m sorry for my very vague description of the plot, but I promise you’ll enjoy the book if you read it!


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