The Bwun and I have been working on opposites today. If I ask him the what the opposite of quiet is, he says, “Opp. Sit. (whisper) quiet LOUD!” Pretty cool, huh? He also knows big/little, up/down, over/under, and happy/sad. He’s really good at imitating the way I emphasize happy with big smiles and a cheerful tone, and sad with closed eyes and a frown. I love that he tries to frown but can’t get it right – as if he doesn’t know how…

We’ve had a lot of happy/sad in our house lately. Some of it is from the kids; most is from me. I’m really enjoying being back on campus taking classes again. Unfortunately, after a year and a half of law school by proxy, my undergrad classes are unbelievably weaksauce. Every single one has gotten out early this week, because the teachers just went over the syllabus and then said, “Well, I don’t want to jump into the material before you’ve had a chance to read, so…” In one class the teacher actually read the syllabus to us WORD FOR WORD. With further explanations, which really was just rephrasing, and random tangents – like how coronary heart disease develops differently in men and women. (Nope, not in the Intro to Women’s Studies class I’m taking. That was in Deviance & Social Control.) I kind of feel like I’m an adult and I’m certainly not spending time and money to have someone read a syllabus to me. But then the teacher said something about how most the people in the class were born in the early 90s, and I decided maybe my classmates just aren’t adults yet. Is that it?

Or really, help me out here, are my expectations too high? I think in a college class, certainly a junior-level course, we should be doing more than just listening to the teacher repeat what we read in the textbook. And having the syllabus, or any document, read to me word-for-word is a little insulting to me. I CAN READ!

Ok, end of rant.

Happy in our house: the Romgi made absolutely perfect berry ice cream for us last night. We watched Inception while the ice cream was in the freezer. We hadn’t seen the movie before, and I loved it; I want to watch it another 2 or 3 times to see what else I can catch. Each of us accurately predicted one plot element.

Also, we’ve resumed our regularly scheduled Perry Mason evenings.

More happy/sad:

Can you guess which is which?

It's freezing cold outside, but we get to bundle!

In other news, I am officially ready to not be sick anymore.


5 Comments on “Happy/sad”

  1. mikaroni says:

    If you look at the picture of the Bwun and jr on the bed…jr had just had a bath, which explains The Hair. Also, check out her pajamas. If you can zoom in enough (zoom and enhance!) you might be able to see that it’s covered with cats wearing tiaras, holding fairy wands. And there are castles and princess carriages. And all those words printed on the fabric, too. Best of all? FREE. Can you believe someone was getting rid of a piece of awesome like that?!

  2. KHL says:

    1) The opposites play sounds fun! I bet that Bwun kid is pretty cute at it!
    2) You’ve hit on one of my biggest HATES about college classes. I wish teachers would act like students can and should be capable.
    3) The Bwun is happy and Jr is not. Do I win something?
    4) I think I have a picture of you that looks an awful lot like the non-crying Jr picture.

  3. jaromgi says:

    I noticed the sad was a longer than the happy section. just a coincidence, right?

  4. Jennifer says:

    “College students are becoming dumber.” –one of my favorite professors complaining about the freshman courses he was teaching. I understand that a lot of professors feel the same way; the public education system is leaving more and more to be desired. Hence, the “best and brightest” (e.g. the university students in your class) might actually be a little less best and a little less bright than they used to be.

    Hopefully the syllabus reading will be the worst thing you experience, although it’s doubtful. One day Mr. O. came home from class having witnessed a girl ask how she should cite her mom in her research paper because her mom was “a really smart person.”

    Also, I kind of wish that those pajamas came in my size.

  5. Kate says:

    I don’t like it when teachers read the syllabus to us in class either. It drives me crazy!!! I sometimes wonder if they repeat the entire syllabus in class so they can hold students accountable later in the semester when they ask if they can make up missed work, or something. I don’t know. Drives me nuts though!

    I love that the Bwun is learning opposites – so neat!

    Good luck with classes this semester! You’re a busy woman!!


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