Not as planned

Here’s how my day went today.

8:30 – wake up feeling the beginnings of a cold. Spend 10+ minutes about the alarm not going off at 8. Watch an episode of Hell’s Kitchen with the Romgi.

9:00 – get the Bwun up. Decide on poached eggs for breakfast.

9:05 – ask the Romgi to figure out how the electric egg poacher works.

9:07 – blow a fuse in the kitchen. Realize the fuse box is in our neighbor’s apartment.

9:08 – take a screaming jr out of the kitchen when the egg cooker suddenly starts shrieking.

9:11 – get grumpy about not having any toast (since the outlets aren’t working).

9:12 – spill my egg onto the floor. Throw a fit and shut myself in the bedroom under the blankets.

9:30 – calm down enough to come out of isolation. Tidy up the living room minimally. Waste time.

9:45 – put on Pooh’s Heffalump Movie (again) for the Bwun.

9:46 – get the Heffalump song stuck in my head.

10:00 – make a menu for the week, and a grocery list. Debate going to the store.

10:15 – decide against going to the store. Tidy a little more. Waste time again.

11:30 – mini-crisis in our house. The Romgi has to leave suddenly for campus.

11:35 – both kids start screaming. Put in a load of laundry.

11:50 – wrangle the Bwun into the bath.

11:52 – a brief moment of silence.

11:55 – try washing the Bwun’s hair. Quickly discard that plan. Bounce jr. Bounce more.

12:30 – try washing the Bwun’s hair again. So much screaming.

12:34 – move the laundry to the dryer. More more more screaming from both kids. Hurry to get the Bwun out of the bath.

12:50 – the Bwun continues screaming.

12:55 – man-handle the Bwun into wearing clothes.

1:00 – put the Bwun on his bed and try calming him down. Unsuccessful.

1:22 – give up and leave the Bwun’s room. More screaming. Feeling the cold getting worse.

1:30 – silence.

The rest of the day – wishing for more silence and less sickness.


3 Comments on “Not as planned”

  1. KHL says:

    And there’s the part I hated most about having 2 kids under age _____ (fill in the blank): when they both scream/cry together and you can’t get anyone to just BE QUIET and you’re feeling exhausted/sick/both.

    And I totally sympathize with the egg, toast, and fuse thing! Hope tomorrow’s better!

  2. The Champ says:

    You know, for having a bad day you seem quite productive to me. My kids didn’t get a bath, my livingroom is still messy, and we all had cold cereal for breakfast. I Think you’re awesome!

  3. Katie says:

    I hope you get feeling better enough to get started in your classes this semester! Good luck with all the sicknesses… :(

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