The Familiars

by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson

{ 2010 | HarperCollins | 368 pgs }

The Familiars is the first Harry Potter-inspired book I’ve enjoyed. It has just enough similarities to the Harry Potter universe to be engaging for a young Harry Potter fan, but plenty of its own charm and ingenuity. (Also, it was co-written by authors whose last names start with E and J, the last two letters I needed for my 2010 reading challenge. Perfect!)

The main character here is Aldwyn, an alley cat who is mistaken for a familiar (a wizard’s companion) in a magical pet store. He bonds with his young loyal (the wizard who chose him) instantly, but disaster soon strikes and Aldwyn must continue to pass himself off as a magical creature while he and two other familiars try to save the world. I would give you more detail, but – that would spoil it.

As I understand, Sony Pictures is working on a movie adaptation. You know what? I think I’ll probably go see it! In the meantime, you should read the book.


2 Comments on “The Familiars”

  1. jaromgi says:

    Loved the book! I would put it somewhere near “Hunger Games” but below “Fablehaven” on my “books I want my kids to read” list.

  2. mika says:

    Definitely! I thought it was tons of fun.

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