Day 1 Pictures

Finally! I know you were waiting anxiously to see pictures from our trip, right? As I said, we drove from Provo to Denver on Monday.

Believe it or not, there was actually nothing interesting before this sign.

Our activity for the day was the Dinosaur Adventure Exhibit. This is a dinosaur skull. Supposedly.

There was an animatronic dilophosaurus that spit water (or what I assume was water) every few minutes. The Bwun loved it!

At first, the Bwun couldn't stop pointing at the dino ride and shouting, "Dote! Dote!!" (which usually means, "Look! Look!!"). But of course he almost burst into tears when I put in a quarter and had him sit on the now-moving dino. He was fine once it stopped, though.


One Comment on “Day 1 Pictures”

  1. KHL says:

    I’m having such an adventure with your adventure!

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