Day 1: Denver

We left this morning around 9am, after much frantic (on my part) dashing about the house trying to make sure we had everything. It was almost an hour later when we got on the freeway – thanks to stops at the library (to return a book), the post office, the grocery store, and Burger King (twice – since they messed up my breakfast sandwich).

The Bwun took a decent nap while the Romgi drove. When he finally woke up, we were in Colorado and ready to stop for lunch. The Romgi spotted a sign on the side of the road: Dinosaur adventure exhibit! It was only a few exits ahead, so we decided to make that our activity for the day. Lately the Bwun likes dinosaurs a lot – a LOT. We call them dinos and he says they go STOMP STOMP. (It comes out more like “gwah gwah,” but he tries.) He absolutely loved being out of the car, surrounded by dinosaurs. We walked around the gift shop and the exhibit for about 45 minutes and then ate lunch at a nearby rest stop. I was glad we’d brought good food – herb cheese and crackers, delicious watermelon and honeydew, and some Izze sodas. We ate enough to be full but not stuffed with heavy, greasy fast food.

Once we were back on the road, the Bwun was happy for a while, but being in the car all day takes its toll, especially on little guys. He finally fell asleep again an hour outside of Denver. It was really weird to suddenly come down out of the mountains and into the flat, flat, flatness of Denver – I’m so used to having mountains nearby, or at least plenty of hills.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow. The camera cable is in the car and believe it or not, I’m ready for bed.

But day 1 was a success, since we got to our destination safely and even got to see some dinos along the way!


3 Comments on “Day 1: Denver”

  1. KHL says:

    Yay Day 1!

  2. MaeLyn Hiatt says:

    Welcome to Denver! It is kind of flat and a shock from the mountains. Where in Denver did you stay? Steven and I are in Thornton, on the north side.

  3. Bethany says:

    Hope day two goes just as well!

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