Season of Delicious

Of all the season, I have always most enjoyed autumn. I love the brisk wind that you makes you wear a jacket. I love the bright colors that appear on the trees. Another of my favorite things is the food!

There is something about recipes that call for “fall spices” that is enticing. The cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are all such warm and inviting flavors it is hard NOT to like them. Recently, several things have happened to remind me of this.
Roni and I recently went to Spark. We love Spark for their well-balanced meals and interesting blends of spices and flavors. It is sort of a tradition that every time Roni and I go, we try one of their different drinks. So far I’ve had the mango mojito, pomegron, and bellini, all of which were amazing. On our most recent excursion, Roni decided to get the apple martini: it was delicious. It was made with fresh apple juice mixed with fall spices and magic. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend it.
I am not sure why, but every now and then Roni and I get the urge to make something unconventional. This seems to happen a lot during the fall. One time we made our own donuts. Another time we made cup-pies. Recently, we were craving biscotti, so we decided to make our own. I think it was me that was specifically craving gingerbread biscotti. It wasn’t really that hard (get it, biscotti, hard, it’s funny, trust me), but they were absolutely wonderful! The warm ginger, mixed with the aromatic cloves and cinnamon made for quite the experience.
So take advantage of the season- do something fun with fall spices. If it turns out wonderful, let us know!