The Twilight Saga

by Stephanie Meyertwilight

Confession: despite vowing that I would not, I read the Twilight books.



…I liked them.

I was surprised to find that the books are actually well-written, and Meyer developed as a writer so much between the first and last book. The story is captivating, and despite criticism that the main character, Bella, focuses too much on Edward’s extreme beauty, I found it to be the right amount for a teenage girl falling for a guy with supernatural appeal. Honestly, I wish I could read the saga again for the first time – not knowing what’s going to happen. There was a good balance between foreshadowing and sudden plot twists, and Meyer did an excellent job of hinting at things that were important later in the series. Details that seemed insignificant early on were intentionally placed and obviously well thought-out.

So, even though I swore it would never happen…

I am a Twilight fan.



2 Comments on “The Twilight Saga”

  1. Katie says:

    I’m with you on this one. I read them right after the 3rd book came out, and I hadn’t heard too much about them. All I know is my entire book club was addicted and they told me I HAD to read them. I took the 2nd book with me to my brother’s house at Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, and finished it there, and was desperately searching for the 3rd one in the aiports, but couldn’t find them anywhere (not even in the grocery stores). I could hardl wait to get home and get started on the next one. I also, don’t particularly like to share the fact that I liked them (not obsessed though…).

  2. Leona says:

    Yes, I too am a complete Twilight Saga addict. I am on the third book now, and finished the second book in 6 hours. I fell in love with the characters and love that all of my girls are into it as well, so I can talk about it all the time!

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