The Talented and Popular Me

…made apple pie at Quimberlee’s house tonight.

A few days ago we were given a bag of 7 large-ish apples that we weren’t sure what to do with, especially since we have no oven. (Really. There is no oven or range in our apartment. Unbelievable!) Fortunately, we do have a few friends still, and Quimberlee recently bought a house in Orem that actually came with an oven.

So, armed with our apples and a pie crust recipe, we headed over. The Romgi and Quentin peeled and sliced the apples while Kimberlee and I got the pie crust ready. Coincidentally, Quimberlee has an apple tree (or trees…?) that they picked about 40lbs of apples from this weekend, so we could make as many pies or tarts as we wanted. Anyway, once we got the crust rolled out, we faced the task of getting it into the pie pan–a task that required all four of us working delicately. Maybe with more practice and more flour I could do it on my own. Maybe.

In went the apple filling, on went the top crust, on went the decorative pie crust leaves, and in went the pie to bake deliciously while we played Phase 10.

I won, but the Romgi will insist it’s only because I skipped him in the 5th phase when I should have skipped Kimberlee.

Finally, the timer went off, and we pulled out a beautiful (but very homemade-looking) apple pie, baked to golden brown perfection. Although it was a little bit too soupy inside, the crust was just right, the apples were exquisite, and despite the lack of vanilla ice cream I had two huge slices.

So did everyone else.

Hooray for apple pie! Hooray for friends and successful recipes! (Pictures soon, I hope.)


2 Comments on “The Talented and Popular Me”

  1. Soup Kitchen says:

    More flour (or other starch) will make the filling less soupy. Also baking longer—but then you run the fine line between “done inside” and “burnt outside.”

    One thing I’ve tried is pre-cooking the filling on the stove top before baking. This ensures that the apples are done and the crust won’t be too done. If you have lots of apples, you might try something that you can make ahead of time and put in the freezer.

    * (Isn’t “burnt outside” one of the Crayola colors?)

  2. Bethany says:

    Apple pie….Mmmmmmm. I love apple pie.

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