The Eyre Affair

by Jasper Fforde

In case you’re wondering, no, I did not pick this book simply because the author’s name is Jasper. (Although, if I had chosen on the basis of his name, having a last name that starts with “Ff” didn’t hurt. How cool is that?)

The Eyre Affair is a quirky combination of literary references, time travel, politics, and detective work. If these things seem incongruous to you, read the book. Fforde (heh heh) does a fantastic job of blending everything together. I admit, some of the time travel stuff escaped me, but I have a tendency to skim long paragraphs describing the intricate hows and whys of time-space continuums, so it’s really my fault. Besides, it would be hard to make time travel more confusing than in Tanglewreck (dumb).

The main character and heroine of the book is, no kidding, named Thursday Next. Apparently Fforde (heh heh) has written several novels in which she is the main character; when I finish another 50 or so of the books on my list, I may read another Thursday Next novel. But only maybe.


One Comment on “The Eyre Affair”

  1. Kendy says:

    I’m not surprised that you liked this one; I loved it, too. He has a great sense of humor. A word of caution if you do decide to read the sequels: I found the second one to have a major plot point that I greatly disliked- but that may just be me. Also, the second book has no resolution, as it is finished in the third or possibly fourth volume. If you have the patience for that, and can actually find the volumes to read (curse our public library!), by all means enjoy more of his writing.

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