we are now at the 2-week mark!

today we went to buy temple clothes since the sacramento temple doesn’t have rentals. I know that everything will make much more sense once I actually go through, but they asked me so many questions about did I prefer A or B and all I heard was “do you like foisjfoidaghr or ofsjoruea?” since neither of the two registered as something I understood, it was kind of hard to know which I would really like better. but they were really helpful and gave me big discounts and said I can exchange them later if I want to. and while we were there I bought a 70-cent ctr ring just for kicks.

this morning, bright and early, was my first final. let me just say that geography is not my strong point. I won’t embarrass myself by giving any specific examples, but I’m really, really off on my idea of where certain countries are. that being said, I was so caught up in studying the lecture material for this final that I neglected to spend much time reviewing the globe. this proved to be a big mistake. everything I had learned for the last test went completely out of my mind. ukraine? venezuela? thailand? no idea. well, of course I had a fairly good general idea: ukraine is in eastern europe, venezuela is in south america, and thailand is in southeast asia. but beyond that, it was all guesswork. hopefully I did well enough on the other parts of the test to make up for my ridiculous map-labeling. and at least that class is over now. one less thing to worry about!

now I can just pretend that my other 2 finals will go splendidly, I’ll get all of my packing and cleaning done with time to spare, all the remaining wedding plans will go smoothly, and cinco de mayo will be perfect. easy enough!

Be opinionated! We certainly are.

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