jarom is cool #2

I love jarom because…last time I was sick, he brought over a book of korean poetry, because he remembered that I said korean sounds relaxing. he read to me until I fell asleep.

the un-interview

for my english class this semester, one of our assignments was to write a letter of application and a resume for a specific position. I filled it out for a job I was actually interested in, at a document imaging company in orem. and I even sent the letter and resume to them; I had already called and spoken to their hiring director over the phone, and they called me back to schedule an interview.

so a little after 4pm today I headed up to orem; by 4:20 I realized that I had somehow mixed up east and west, and was heading the wrong way on center street. I quickly got turned around and proceeded to search desperately for the building. at 4:30 I called the company to clarify that I had the right address. turns out that although the address says their building is on center street, it is in a very remote cul-de-sac that kind of connects to center street. blast. I made it in by 4:35, feeling confident enough in my excellent qualifications for the job.

and then…no one seemed to know why I was there. I could hear a few guys talking to each other: “did you have an interview scheduled? no, I don’t remember ever telling her to come in…” of course doubts began to creep in at this point. one guy, chad, finally came out and explained that the interview had been set up by someone in their salt lake office. they put me on the phone with her. she was confused why I wasn’t in salt lake. well, probably because I had already explained that I was interested in a job in orem, and she never said anything about coming up to salt lake. for a brief second I held onto the hope that maybe their hiring was all done through the salt lake office…until she said that the positions available were all in salt lake. thank you, thank you, I have made it extremely clear that I only want to work in orem. of course, there are no positions open in the orem office. so I apologized for the inconvenience and headed back home.

it was, all in all, a frustrating interview…because I was so amazingly qualified for that job. sigh.

my detour on the way home didn’t help. I needed to get gifts for two bridal showers this week, one tonight and one on thursday, both girls from fairfield. I spent a good 40 minutes exploring bed bath & beyond before giving up on the gift I’d chosen for one girl. it was absolutely impossible to find. I went through another 3 gifts on her registry before I could actually find one. sales associates? nowhere to be found. at the end of all that, I got in a long long line to discover that the checkout system was down and wouldn’t let the cashiers ring anyone up. fifteen minutes in that line convinced me that the gifts just weren’t quite worth it today, and that maybe I’d be ok since both girls did not show up to my shower. I was tempted to sneak into petsmart right next door and buy a new water dragon to cheer myself up, but luckily time got the better of me and I hurried home to have deliciously crusted and grilled tilapia. mmm.

maybe the frustrating afternoon was worth it, because it was so nice to come back and have jarom cook such a yummy dinner.