a beautiful cardboard box

I’ll just say briefly that whether you like the new look or not, it’s going away. it was fun for a day though, no?

we found a place to live! it is a fantastic apartment. about 3 blocks from besta and 2 blocks from quimberlee; pleasant nice-weather walking distance from campus; far enough away to have a feeling of quietness and escape from the crazed singles byu life. we love how spacious the place is, and it has tons of storage, a really large kitchen, only a few neighbors, plus a deck outside with reinforced hammock hooks. it’s well within our budget, pets are allowed, any repairs you do (including lightbulb replacements) can be deducted from the rent, and shoveling the walk in the winter gets an extra $25 off the rent as well. we filled out the application as soon as we got back from our “tour” and are trying to get it pushed through this morning.

so I am crossing my fingers as cross as they’ll go. with any luck we can sign the papers by the end of the week and have our official first apartment ready to go!


3 Comments on “a beautiful cardboard box”

  1. Recession Cone says:

    Getting an apartment is nice. Hopefully you’ll like it better than the first one Jena and I chose… (it was a disaster).I like your blog’s new look, too. =)

  2. 'sposita says:

    i second the blog – but, you like to change yours every once in a while. keep us guessing. and that’s good.

  3. Finn Demesc says:

    I liked the old one better. Less-southwestern, more alive. Congrats on the new place. I know that we were so very excited when we got ours squared away.

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