I knew something like this would happen. I’ve been so overwhelmed with school and wedding planning lately…and yet I was lulled into a false sense of security…

I got a 92 on my last test, and a 9.5/10 on my last 3 writing assignments. today I got into my soc 111 class and found out we had an assignment due. yep. my excuse for not knowing it was due? on our syllabus, the timeline is given as a table divided into 3 sections: dates/topics, critique due dates, and corresponding reading. we have 2 critiques on new york times articles, in addition to the 4 book critiques. all of them are 1pg double-spaced, so not too complicated. but what snared me is that the nyt critique due dates are listed in the column with the outside reading – not in the critique due date column. so I never saw it.

ah, well. it really is my own fault. now I need to go find an article on globalization, write a 1pg critique, and turn it in by 5pm. this means I automatically lose 4 of 10 possible points.

like I said, superlame.


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