the guest list

o the joys of compiling an invitation list for wedding announcements. I may have been slightly off in my estimates. I know that really, what I should have done was make the lists first and then order; but because of a variety of things…that didn’t happen. so here are my excuses:

1. I was very picky about which invitations, and took a long time to choose
2. the ones we want are custom-made and therefore take longer to make
3. everyone I talked to said they got about 250 invitations and had extras
4. we’re from the same home stake and most our friends are mutual

however, I was wrong. there’s going to be a lot of trimming. I had previously made an invitation list of family, family friends, people from fairfield, and my friends that included overlap to the list I knew jarom would be making. this totaled 185 people. I can cut it down to 160. today jarom’s mom gave me her list of people from the stake to add; there were 27 that I didn’t already have. now I am supposed to be getting all of the hillery and harrington families, family friends, and jarom’s korean buddies.

I wonder if I should talk to the woman who’s making our invitations? maybe she can still make some more…like 50 more…otherwise I’ll have to get out the red pen and eliminate people. fewer people means fewer presents. isn’t that materialistic of me?


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