o california

I know I’m not alone in wondering about the weather in provo lately. last week, sunday was gorgeous; monday was a blizzard. the snow melted by wednesday and thursday was beautiful; several inches of snow on friday. and here we are again in the same cycle. every time it gets to be nice and sunny I think, maybe it’s getting to be spring. we can give up on wearing coats, gloves, and scarves. life will be fantastic and we can go back to walking on sunshine. (ooh did I get the song stuck in your head? I tried.)

ok, so life is fantastic regardless, but I am not in the mood for winter anymore. sometimes it’s great…those are usually the times when I’m staying somewhere with a fireplace, and I don’t have to drive anywhere, and I’ve got nothing to do so I can stay at home watching movies all day. ahh. at any rate, I am crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be snow-free.

in 2 months I will be back in my lovely california! huzzah!

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