please, no velvet

tonight after we got back from the korean speech contest, we turned on the tv and on tlc they had a show called “america’s ugliest kitchen.” and oh man, was it ugly. the whole thing was covered in red velvet with a gold fleur-de-lis pattern. and I mean the whole thing: cabinets, drawers, the dishwasher. it was ridiculous. then one side of the room had a diagonal pink stripe going across from one end to the other, and the bottom half was black instead of red velvet. oh and then there was a completely mismatched (well, it all was) wall covered with some sort of zigzag multicolored yarn wallpaper. I’m fine with living in a shoddy apartment for the first five years of my marriage. that’s what being a newlywed is: being so poor you can only afford junk. I’m actually looking forward to it. but please, no velvet.

in other news, I retook the hist 400 midterm. hmm. it was exactly the same as last time, except the 16-point question about wills. it was no longer “what is the procedure for someone who dies intestate?” but now “what is the procedure for contesting a will?” yeah, I had no idea. I made crap up. there were a few other points I was clueless on, such as the four major immigration periods to the u.s. I really ought to know that. my guesses were pretty good. by all accounts I should have known that from the reading. but, it was lost somewhere in my memory, and as long as I get a better score than last time (which is sure to happen), I’ll be ok.

I may lose points for this, though: at the end of the test I wrote a note to the teacher, informing him that it was due to his slow grading process that I was unable to reapply for summer term, and I would appreciate it if he’d grade this midterm within three weeks — which is a week longer than the time period proscribed by independent study. we’ll see if it works.

then jennifer came by after jarom and I had dinner. it was good to see her, but I lost track of time and was late for the korean speech contest. I parked illegally and ran down to the basement of the jfsb, and surprise, they were running behind schedule. luckily my car was not towed (it was a “reserved parking only anytime” spot), and I didn’t get any tickets. hooray for luck!

tomorrow jarom is going skiing with ben, and then staying up there for his grandma’s birthday dinner. so I guess I’ll clean our kitchen (how desperately it needs it…) and maybe even my room. maybe. and I need to study more for my humanities test.

I wish I had known about taking tests at the independent study office. then I wouldn’t have to wait for the test to get processed at the byu testing center, and then wait for it to get sent back to independent study, and then wait for them to post my grade online. but oh well. life will go on.


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