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The Satanic Verses

by Salman Rushdie

My sister let me borrow this book for the long commute to and from Pleasanton, since I had to go down there for work. I have to say…it was one of the weirdest books I’ve ever read. Not in a surreal way, just in a weird way. A very weird way. Rushdie is a capable author, but first there was the unnecessary cursing and imagery, and then the plot was so strange on top of that…I just came out of it feeling odd. Displaced, but not really in a good way.
I did read a clip from one of Rushdie’s other books, and it sounded promising. Maybe because it was more of a children’s book. I don’t recommend The Satanic Verses unless you’re going to borrow it from someone who has already bowdlerized their copy.

mmm dinner!

so tonight I made bulgogi for the missionaries (and my family). it turned out super-well, especially considering I had never cooked it before. it was almost as good as at touch of seoul. and I’m happy with that. mmm.

work in the morning…early…we’re supposed to leave mha at 6:30, so I should get there around quarter past. aich. I want to play zelda, and I’d stay up late if I had it around to play, so I suppose it’s good not to have it…besides, I told jarom I had to finish unpacking before I could start zelda. blah blah. that was awfully responsible of me and I’m regretting it. I am sleepy though, so maybe I’ll go brush my teeth and such…hmm…