hotel rwanda

we watched hotel rwanda again tonight. maybe it’s been a bad week — or not so much bad as emotional. that documentary on thursday (seoul train) was rough. and watching this movie tonight…it’s disheartening. I know there are so many of us in the world praying for peace, but are we powerless? what do our efforts do in the face of so much hatred and violence? surely we won’t — we can’t — stop trying, but it does seem futile at times. what can I do here in utah or california that will help ease the suffering of people in north korea or africa?

I don’t want my children born into a world like this. but I feel helpless to make a difference. there must be something I can do. they need wells in africa. simple wells, that are easy to use and easy to fix. they don’t cost much to build and they make a huge difference to the people in the community. how do I build a well in africa? where is someone who will take my money and use it to build a well in africa? I know the church’s humanitarian aid fund is probably the best venue for such endeavors. it’s always been my goal to serve as a senior missionary when I’m older, but today I decided that I’ll go on a humanitarian mission if circumstances allow. that way I can make a difference.

but what now? what can I do with my resources and my talents? jarom told me I should consider an african studies major if I’m serious about helping there. I do want to help. I want to spend my life helping other people be better off. but I don’t know how. donating money is not my best option right now. I want to DO something…make something, go somewhere, be somebody that changes one facet of life for one person in need. that would be enough for one day. and the next day I would help another person. I have other things to give besides money, and I think they could be put to good use, if only I knew how.


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