down by the bay

this morning we went to the jelly belly factory tour, and then to the golden gate bridge. I like having people come visit us up here because then I get to do tourist-y things that aren’t in my normal routine. there’s a lot of san francisco I’ve never seen. still. sigh. oh well, we got some fun pictures anyway, despite the wind. actually I wanted some mika-is-here-at-the-golden-gate-bridge-looking-cool pictures, but the sun was always in my eyes. do they make tinted contacts? I tend to break or lose every pair of sunglasses I buy.

look at that superior photography...

I talked to jarom this evening; he and ben made it safely to utah. he said the weather was really nice today. fortuitous again! (I think I said something interesting about the word in the post that was lost yesterday.) tomorrow I’m studying for a test, and packing, then heading back to utah myself on saturday. o the joys of traveling.


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