nothing, nothingness, nothininity

so the dance was lame. to be entirely and absolutely honest, I didn’t give it much of a chance; but there was hardly anyone there, and I pulled a quick mika-judgment of the people who were there. I determined that I didn’t want to stay for very long. so I didn’t. I headed off to see brian and amy, went home around 11. hey, the point is, I got out of the house. (I even got all dressed up, and I’d like to add that I looked really nice.) granted, I ended up at brian’s, which means that of the 3 weekends this year that I’ve gone out to do something, it’s been to visit one of my brothers. pathetic, I know. well, at least at the moment I’m fine with being pathetic. I’ll just be a recluse for the next year or so. that’ll be fun, right?

next weekend will be fun. ryan is in vegas for a volleyball tournament right now, and I talked to him on my drive home last night. we’re definitely excited about my visit. olive garden in logan! I haven’t had olive garden in ages, and I miss it. mmm those delicious foods. I already know what I want: zuppa tuscana, breadsticks, strawberry daiquiri, three-meat ravioli, and black tie mousse cheesecake. please let me splurge? I can’t wait.

not much else to say. not much happened today. ryan and I read some of ender’s game this morning — well, I had my copy out and was following along while he read aloud. for once we were even in the same time zone. I read for a while after we got off the phone. but it isn’t the book I feel like continuing for now.

and that, I believe, is all for today…


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