keith urban has it right.

“car door slams, been a long day at work…”

though to be honest, today pretty much flew by. I was doing pec indexing for most of the day, except the 2-hour meeting I had with mick, lauren and liz this morning. before I knew it it was 11am and I hadn’t gotten my donut yet. the woman at jelly donut said, “you’re late this morning!” I know, I know. but at least I wasn’t starving to death by then. usually I would be.

I forgot to call heather about coming in. oops. she must think I’m the flaky one, ha. but I did finish going through her spreadsheet and deleting all the superfluous entries. now I have to go through again, to make sure the names are right; plus the blanks have to be marked. can you believe out of 26k images, she marked 2.7k as blanks? that’s 10%! all of the other spreadsheets had 2% blanks. something is most definitely wrong here. and I get to fix it, wahoo.

my check is missing. my $800 check. I thought it was in my notebook, but if it is, I’m blind; it isn’t in the car or the office. curses. I hope it’s somewhere in this mess of a room.

did I mention I finished reading the grand crusade? well, I did. only took me 11 months. sheesh. when I was at barnes & noble on friday I picked up a copy. I swear I’ve looked before, and they didn’t have it. now ryan can stop badgering me about that. though he mostly badgers me about writing these days. which of course I haven’t done in almost a month. and that’s if you count the falconer story. I don’t mean it’s not a real story, I just mean the ideas were already in my head and I had a deadline of sorts. I’m supposed to be writing my book. but the plot I had in mind — it worked so well for the frame of mind I was in before. now it just isn’t going to happen… so I need a new plot. maybe if I dedicate a lot of time and energy to it, I can write a terra book.

ha! as if. where am I going to get a lot of time and energy? today mick told me that he’ll pay me at least $25/hr for indexing, since I’m doing 2600 images/hr. (the truth is, I’m averaging 3300 images/hr, but I’m a little afraid to tell him. he was shocked enough about the lower number.) I don’t enjoy it, but I haven’t got a long list of other things to do.

I mailed my letter to jarom on saturday. finally. I do kind of regret waiting so long to send it, because it means I won’t get one for a while, but at the same time, I think he really needs to be concentrating on the work right now. the logic behind that is that I’m a distraction — wahoo! I’m distracting! I’m not sure why I take such pleasure in that. perhaps because I like being able to fill his head with me and only me. it makes me feel powerful. at any rate, if I can just be patient for the next month and a half, things should be fine.

no chocolate in the house… I’ve been meaning to start another no-chocolate streak, in case it will help my headaches, but I have enough doubts and enough craving for it that it’s not likely to happen. maybe I’ll go to cost plus world market today. if I can find my check.

c’est le fin pour maintenant…


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