Things Parents Say

Sometimes as a parent, you say things that have probably never been said before in the history of the English language.  Here are a few of the ones we’ve said.

“Why are you scraping crackers on your tummy?”

“Stop putting your meatballs in your milk!!”

“Is that cupboard your little office?”

“Stop checking that monkey for poop!”

“Why did you paint the couch with Oreos??”

“He bit the monkey on the head and then lifted it up with his teeth.”

“Yo! Don’t stab my eyeball!”

“Don’t put the shrimp in your sandwich… fine, eat your peanut-butter and shrimp sandwich.”

“Put the sticker on your tummy and shake the rattle!”

“The baby is not a table.”

“Don’t put your foot in my stroganoff!”

“You’re like the baby Godzilla of cute.  Instead of being terrifying.”

“Don’t stand on your sister!”


Be opinionated! We certainly are.

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