Many thanks to Katie, for inspiring me to do 101 things in 1001 days. Check out her list on her blog, This Side. Please note that some of these are taken from my list of Things to do Before I Die, which really accomplishes 2 things at once. Two lists. Whatever.

See the original Day Zero website here, and post a link to your list!

Goal progress: 60/101

1. eat a Kong Kone
2. go fishing
3. keep the house tidy for 1 week (0/7)
4. catch a butterfly
5. have a family portrait done
6. eat lamb. RARE lamb.
7. go walking at least once a week for a month
8. take lunch to Jarom on campus
9. make a pillow
10. see a movie on opening day
11. read 15,000 pages in a year
12. potty-train Evan
13. memorize the state capitals (10/50)
14. donate blood
15. fly a kite with Evan
16. finish my degree
17. finally make that quilt for Grandma Hillery
18. go horseback riding
19. hike the Y
20. have a picnic
21. watch It’s a Wonderful Life
22. watch Miracle on 34th Street
23. teach Evan what noises animals make
24. go to the dinosaur museum
25. bring my total reading to 100,000 pgs since 2004
26. get a pedicure
27. drink an entire bottle of Martinelli’s
28. go Christmas caroling
29. hang up the laundry when it’s done for 5 loads
30. go to the temple every week for a month
31. go to a photo booth even though Jarom thinks I won’t
32. make bread
33. drink enough water every day for a week
34. complete the 100+ Reading Challenge
35. complete the Classics Challenge
36. complete the Countdown Challenge
37. complete the What an Animal II Challenge
38. complete the What’s in a Name? Challenge
39. write a letter to my folks
40. take a picture of the kids every day for a month
41. stop eating dessert/snacks/treats for a month
42. invent a recipe
43. enter a cooking contest
44. give a talk or lesson in church
45. go camping
46. win something
47. volunteer
48. buy 5 books
49. paint a picture
50. make this mirror
51. fill up my moleskin journal
52. write in my journal at least once a week for 6 months
53. talk to the landlord about a recycling bin
54. play chess with Jarom
55. buy a vacuum
56. read at least 50 of the books on my list
57. eat 5 servings of fruits/veggies daily for a month
58. no fast food for 2 months
59. get our portraits framed
60. read 5 books to Evan
61. find an album for our wedding photos
62. buy new cushions for the kitchen chairs
63. open a savings account for Evan
64. don’t get a haircut until 2011
65. watch 10 new movies
66. write a poem
67. create a piece of art and frame it
68. travel internationally
69. send 5 postcards
70. make a birthday calendar
71. teach Evan to sing 3 songs
72. create a “me” style
73. make a pizza from scratch
74. bake madeleines
75. make maple-walnut cup pies
76. pick fresh fruit off the tree
77. get a 4.0 one semester
78. stick to a routine for 1 week
79. go to the lighting ceremony at Temple Square
80. finish reading Crime and Punishment
81. make root beer
82. host a Murder Mystery dinner
83. get away for the weekend with Jarom
84. finish the cool onesies for Krista’s babies
85. grow herbs in the kitchen
86. win a game of six-dice
87. learn a new word
88. go on a bike ride with Jarom
89. buy a bike trailer for Evan to ride in
90. start or join a book club
91. write a living will for myself
92. do yoga 5 times (2/5)
93. write a personal statement for my law school application
94. read the Book of Mormon in 1 week
95. bring cup pies to the sisters I visit teach
96. grow a hyacinth
97. watch at least 1 extended edition Lord of the Rings
98. watch all the Harry Potter movies in 1 week
99. introduce myself to 5 new people
100. do the assigned reading for church before class for 2 months
101. go to the zoo with Evan

ENDS APRIL 19, 2012


3 Comments on “101”

  1. KHL says:

    I’m not convinced that #12 is doable. How old will he be by Apr 2012? And be sure that you teach him BAAANH-WEE-UH! (#23)

  2. Katie says:

    Great list! I love it! I forgot to put the original site on my blog (I should go do that now). It’s from http://www.dayzeroproject.com and you can paste your link with your list on the master site, and it lets you download a time ticker and everything. I really liked a few of yours and may make them “honorary” goals.

  3. Erica says:

    Great List!
    Good luck

    you should join us at http://www.worldswapping.com
    It’s a new worldwide cultural item exchange network.

    It would be great to add to a 101 list

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