Doubleplusgood Day 2014

I am so touched by the many acts of service, big and small, that you did in honor of Christian’s birthday. Here are the good deeds I heard about (if I missed yours, please leave a comment or email me so I can add it to the list):

  • Took a loaf of homemade banana bread to a friend in need. -HS
  • Put together a bouquet for a sick neighbor. -TH
  • Planted flowers for a neighbor. -KH & family
  • Cleaned the house in preparation for wife’s social event. -GH
  • Took an extra shift so a coworker could go on vacation. -JL
  • Made small, cheery flannel blankets to keep other Tiny Babies warm. -CH
  • Patiently extricated son from a creek. -JO
  • Helped pick up brother’s toys without being asked. -CC (age 5)
  • Wore a smile for as much of the day as possible. -CB
  • Took extra time to help a coworker deal with a frustrating situation. -JR
  • Gave a meal to a homeless man. -DS
  • Made a set of 3 bracelets: one for a tiny baby to be buried with, one for the keepsake box, and one for Mom to wear. -KB
  • Delivered supplies to local shelter. -RW
  • Babysat a neighbor’s kids so neighbor could go see her sister’s family be sealed.
  • Visited a friend in need. -KA
  • Volunteered at school for a few hours. -JC
  • Baked cookies for a new neighbor. -LZ

Yesterday was a strange mixture of sadness and gratitude – sort of like last year. I went to bed overwhelmed, exhausted, and ready for a new day – sort of like last year. But I will say that today has been so much better than a year ago. I have hope for the future. I know I can have a happy life despite my loss, and, most importantly, Christian isn’t gone forever.

Thank you for making our first Doubleplusgood Day so full of love and service!


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