The cool thing about this giveaway was that I personally know almost everyone who entered, so I can give out copies of the anthology as Christmas gifts and you won’t feel bad about not being a winner here.

That being said, Valory and Tony are the winners, and I’ll be emailing both of you to get your mailing address.

One more plug for Spark: A Creative Anthology – I strongly recommend getting yourself Volumes I and II, even if you just won (or will be receiving for Christmas!) a copy of Volume III. And if you’re a writer, keep an eye out for their next contest. You can submit your work at any time, but contests have awesome prizes like money. I love money. Plus, right now Spark is working on paying pro rates to all accepted writers. You love money too, don’t you?

One Comment on “Winners”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ya. I would love to enter one of their contest. Fun! Have loved reading my copy so far…

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